Algo-trading the buzz word of 2020, which excites a few and gives chills too to few folks. Algorithm based trading is nothing new but trading systematically done with rule based logics used to execute trades using a bot (software). Large Financial houses used various software's to punch their orders. …

Performance Report

Real Money makes more noise than mere simulation reports, and feeling proud to share above results on awesome performance of our Algo-trading Strategy.

You might be clear on why to use our strategy ? simply because its highly profitable and promising.

So let’s talk about how to do this in 4 simple steps:

  1. Open a Algo-trading account here
  2. Go to market place or open strategy from here
  3. Subscribe and Deploy on paper trade to study
  4. once you are confident link your broker and start minting with us!

Contact us :

Instagram — @Getsetalgo

Telegram Channel

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Hello Readers,

Hope you and your family are keeping well in these tough times. In Today’s Write-up I am uncovering what must you focus for Consistent Income or Compounding and why? Before picking sides lets first understand each one of them. Happy Reading!

Consistency in other words could be winning-streak

Sunny Shivlani

Trader, Analyst, Automobile Enthusiast, Entrepreneur,

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