Consistency Vs. Compounding

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Hope you and your family are keeping well in these tough times. In Today’s Write-up I am uncovering what must you focus for Consistent Income or Compounding and why? Before picking sides lets first understand each one of them. Happy Reading!

Consistency in other words could be winning-streak. CONSTANCT INCOME no matter what.

Compounding is construed as interest on interest, the effect of which is to magnify returns to interest over time, the so-called “miracle of compounding”.

While Risk and Reward are the only deciding factor utilized by 90% of folks, what 10% do differently is that the look into the blend of Consistency into Compounding. Putting compounding at work while dealing with Consistency. Too much of Jargons let’s look into this graph.

This is exactly how Semi-variability looks like, consistent compounded than again consistent and compounded.

How to achieve such situation is question, what are definite source of income that could lead us to such scenarios?

  1. Invest in a side business: Ever thought about opening a QSR restaurant, a cloud kitchen or a saloon; Well these might be lucrative business ideas ever thought what is requirement of these Side Hustle? Time + Efforts + Capital + Network + Experience.
  2. Investing in Stocks/Bonds /Debentures/Mutual Funds: Long term returns from such investment start at same as growth in inflation at low risk and great returns require high risks and luck of picking right deals. They cover the compounding part but are not ideal for consistent returns.
  3. Algo Trading: Algo based strategies provide near constant returns with Daily frequency. One such strategy is Get Set Multiplier. In past 40 trading days it has given income of 100k on capital of 300k. Daily Average returns of 1% on capital. Within 5 months 100% return on capital, reinvesting same would create compounding effect and in 1 year investment of 3 lakh will grow into 12+ Lakh. Read more about strategy and deploy it on paper trade to witness it in real world for free.

Hope this article was informative and said strategy made you wealthy, I have personally earned 42K in the month of February from it. Please do tell us what do you want to know more about algo’s will be happy to address your queries through my articles.

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